16 Christmas Crafts Kids Will Love – Part 1


Picture the scene (or, you might not even need to picture it if it's happening around you right now): Christmas is coming, the kids are on school vacation, and they're bored. They're relentlessly asking you what to do and it's driving you insane. The perfect solution is to get them doing any one of these awesome Christmas crafts. Not only will your children have something constructive to keep them busy, you'll end up with some cute new decorations that you can proudly hang on the tree for years to come.
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These woven snowflakes are stunning, but best attempted by older children.


Cardboard from toilet rolls can be used for all sorts of Christmas crafts.


Old stemware can be painted to make gorgeous festive candle holders.


These rustic Christmas cards are surprisingly simple to make.


These thumbprint Rudolph ornaments are adorable.


Kids of all ages can make a popsicle stick Christmas tree.


Pinecones make wonderful Christmas trees.


Pasta: the classic kids craft fallback. 



Try these cute hand print ornaments. 


This felt flower ornament is beautiful.


Kids will love turning themselves into elves.


These cupcake case Christmas trees are simple, yet effective.


Santa's beard won't be finished until Christmas day. 


These construction paper wreaths are excellent!


This crate paper Christmas tree looks great.


These cute Christmas candy cane mice are just precious.

Which of these craft ideas are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! 


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