Artist Creates Wooden Sculptures In Copenhagen Forests Depicting Giants Hiding From The World

Scavenger hunt is one of the most engaging and most exciting games for kids and even for grown-ups. But a Danish artist found a way to make hunting games more interesting. Instead of small miscellaneous items, Thomas Dambo has hidden six wooden giants throughout a Copenhagen forest.  His objective is to encourage people to an outdoor hunt of finding six forgotten giants in the forest. Additionally, creating these wooden sculptures is a great way to exercise his artistic skills. Not to forget, utilizing recycled woods is also an effective way to reduce surplus wastes.

thomas dambo six forgotten giants copenhagen

With the help of local volunteers, Dambo built the six forgotten giants from 600 wood pallets and scavenged woods. Each massive sculpture has unique characteristics. More importantly, each of the friendly giant has a purpose to serve. For example, Teddy Friendly is absolutely the friendliest among the giants because he’s the easiest to find. You’ll probably find him first in your quest to hunt all six forgotten giants. By extending his long arm, people can use it as a convenient bridge in crossing a tiny stream.

Teddy Friendly – one of the six forgotten giants of Copenhagen

six forgotten giants copenhagen forest


teddy friendly copenhagen giants


teddy friendly six forgotten giants

Another one is Little Tilde who is actually the smallest among the gigantic figures. Despite her size, she serves a great purpose by providing a home for birds. Little Tilde is furnished with 28 bird houses to give shelters to both forest and migratory birds in the area.

Little Tilde

little tilde six forgotten giants

Aside from these two friendly giants, you can also find the rest of the six forgotten giants of Copenhagen. These include Thomas on the Mountain, Oscar Under the Bridge, Hilltop Trine, and Sleeping Louis.

Thomas on the Mountain

copenhagen six forgotten giants hunting


thomas on the mountain six forgotten giants

Oscar Under the Bridge

oscar under the bridge six forgotten giants


oscar under the bridge copenhagen giants


oscar under the bridge by thomas dambo

Hilltop Trine

hilltop trine copenhagen giants


hilltop trine six forgotten giants

Sleeping Louis

sleeping louis six forgotten giants


sleeping louis copenhagen giants


sleeping louis by thomas dambo

To help you find them, a map will be provided to you to help you locate them. Moreover, Dambo placed some cryptic clues engraved into random stones. If you ever find these clues, you already know that one of the giants is not that far from you.

treasure hunt map thomas dambo


thomas dambo cryptic clues

“It invites the viewers to go on a treasure hunt, not only to see the sculptures, but also to discover hidden gems in nature,” Dambo explains. Now, let’s go to Copenhagen and hunt some giants.

The six giant wood sculptures are made from recycled woods

six forgotten giants construction


six forgotten giants volunteer workers


six forgotten giants assembly


Source: Thomas Dambo | Instagram