These Chocolate Toilet Rolls Are Not Made For Wiping But For Eating

It’s 2021, folks! And for surviving the very dreadful year that was 2020, we all have the right to celebrate. And what could be a better way to commemorate our ‘pandemic’ journey than these mini chocolate toilet rolls? Well, you probably remember the notorious shortage in toilet paper right before the global lockdown was implemented, right? Those were the times when we realized how indispensable these basic commodities are. But those troubled times are all in the past now and hopefully, with the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines, we can now finally be liberated from the grasp of this pandemic.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you probably have chocolates in mind to give as gifts to your special someone. Sure, couture chocolates can make your loved ones smile. But how about making them laugh with something more fun and timelier? These mini toilet rolls pretty sum up our lives in quarantine. And just as they always say, no matter how difficult the situation is, we just gotta roll with it. These whimsical treats may look like a tacky gift, but the taste is similar to expensive chocolates. These are handmade by artisan chocolatiers using a delicious blend of milk chocolate and white Belgian chocolate.


Mini Chocolate Toilet Rolls

chocolate toilet rolls

The mini chocolates are available in single and two-count packs. The single pack comes in clear packaging measuring 3.14 inches x 3.14 inches x 1.2 inches while the two-piece set comes in a clear box measuring 2.3 inches x 3.5 inches x 2 inches. It has a shelf life of 3 – 6 months but we can guarantee it won’t last that long for you’ll quickly devour this treat as soon as you receive it. This is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. It also makes the perfect gift for those who need some cheering up, as you can wipe away the frowns and tears from their faces.

mini chocolate toilet roll


mini chocolate toilet rolls


“The chocolate was so delicious! It was a little gift for my husband and he loved it.”, one buyer wrote. “Amazing. So fun. They have brought smiles and laughter to many who need it most.”, another buyer wrote.

tissue papers belgian chocolate


tissue papers made from belgian chocolate

Get the single pack here and the two-count pack here.

tissue paper made from belgian chocolate

Source: Etsy