This Is How The Time-Traveling In ‘Back To The Future’ Supposedly Worked


There's no denying that 'Back to the Future' is a classic film franchise and you've probably seen it a few times. People often think about which things from these films they would like to really exist, and some of them even do now. 'Nike' have just created the first ever self-lacing trainers, and there are a few different takes on hover boards floating around but what about the DeLorean time machine that makes this movie possible? The people over at 'Live Science' have created this awesome infographic showing how the DeLorean 'really' worked. Of course, it's fictional technology, but you never know. We mean, if you could invent your own flux capacitor, then time might be yours to explore. At least you know a few pitfalls to avoid from watching the movies! Take a look!
Website: Live Science



Live Science

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