8 Pictures That Prove Cats Can Hide Really Well


If you own a cat, you're bound to have gone through a distressing 'hidden cat scare' at least once or twice. 'Hidden cat scare' refers to the sense of panic you feel when you become convinced that you've lost your precious furry friend forever, only to eventually find him or her catnapping in some cozy, hidden spot. Agile, canny and capable of moving around in silence, it's no wonder felines are so good at hiding. They routinely escape human detection by hiding in the most ridiculous of places, just like the kitties below! Take a look!
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Cats love hiding!

Can you spot the cat?


Some kitties do need to brush up on their hiding techniques!



But can you find 'Pedro', the puss?


This is what Pedro looks like. Does it help?


Take a look at the picture again.


Still can't see him? Here's a shot from another angle to help you out…


Only his ear is giving him away!

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