This Cooling And Heating Cube Ensures You Are The Perfect Temperature All Night

Achieve quality, restorative sleep with the help of this cooling/heating cube that will get your bed to your ideal temperature. The temperature of your sleeping environment strongly affects the quality of sleep. During sleep, our body’s temperature decreases and a cool room helps you settle into a comfortable sleep. Sleep experts agree that the ideal room temperatures for sleep are between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you’re living in a hot and humid location, even the best air conditioner is incapable of sustaining this temperature for any extended period without making your electricity bill go through the roof.

That’s where this cooling/heating mattress pad comes in. This mattress uses a water-based system and an internal thermostat to regulate the surface temperature of your bed. With this climate control appliance that allows you to cool down or heat up your bed, achieving a deep quality sleep is no longer a pipe dream. You can just simply turn the temperature down to keep you cool in summer nights and turn the temperature up to keep you warm in winter nights. Hence, it allows you to customize your ideal temperature and provides a more comfortable sleeping environment for you.


Cooling/Heating Mattress Pad

cooling/heating mattress pad

This mattress pad is made up of three main components: the cube-shaped control unit, a thin mattress pad and a remote control. Fill the cube with distilled water and plug the unit in. The cube is connected to the mattress pad by a long tube. It works by actively circulating the thermo-regulated water through the silicone micro-tubes in the pad. Place the pad between the fitted sheet and the mattress protector and hold it in place by using the straps. You can place the control unit either at the head or foot of your bed. If you prefer to place the cube under the bed, make sure to use bed risers to allow optimal air flow.

chilipad cube me sizing


thermostat cube water circulation


chilipad straps

Use the remote control to set your preferred temperature from 55 up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The micro-tubes in the pad circulate the thermo-regulated water smoothly and quietly. Furthermore, the tubes are small enough so you can’t even tell there are water tubes in the mattress. All you get is a restful sleep without any hot flashes, night sweats or any disruptions. Plus, this thermo-control appliance has a power rating of 80 watts which is significantly lower than air conditioners. And it also includes an auto shut off feature that turns off the unit after 10 hours of continuous use.

chilipad cube water based system


cooling/heating mattress pad


cooling mattress pad control unit

The mattress pad is made of cotton with polyester-blend filling while the tubing is made of medical grade silicone. The pad comes in 5 sizes to fit different bed sizes including single, twin XL, queen, king and California king. Furthermore, it comes in two sizing options namely ME zone and WE zone. The ME zone is essentially a pad for one half of a mattress. So this leaves the other half unaffected by the climate control appliance. ME sizing is available for single and twin XL sizes.

cooling/heating mattress pad me sizing


chilipad cube we sizing


cooling/heating mattress pad control unit

On the other hand, the WE zone covers the entire full-sized mattress to provide thermos control for the entire bed. Not only that, the WE version is a dual-zone pad which means each side of the bed has its own pad. Each pad also has its own control unit so you and your partner can have complete control over your desired temperature. The WE sizing is available for queen, king and California king sizes. One happy buyer wrote:

“Have been suffering with numerous hot flashes and night sweats and was barely sleeping 4 hours a night. I bought this product as a last ditch effort before talking to my doctor about hormone replacement therapy, which I really didn’t want to go on. I slept like a baby the first night! I’m back to sleeping under covers and I have not had one hot flash.”

chilipad cube dual we zone


cooling heating mattress pad we sizing

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