Designers Come Up With ‘MicroClimate Air Helmet’ That Filters Out COVID-19 While Traveling

Wearing a face mask and a face shield undeniably helps in curbing the spread of coronavirus. Even so, we also can’t discount the fact that they can be uncomfortable at times. This is especially true for people who wear glasses and who experience difficulty breathing when wearing masks. Well, engineer and industrial designer Michael Hall might have found the perfect solution to these common mask conundrums. Introducing the MicroClimate AIR helmet.

Equipped with four HEPA filters, this new headgear essentially works just like a wearable air purifier. It filters both incoming and outgoing air, keeping not only you safe but also those around you. It also features a scratchproof acrylic dome, giving you an unobstructed view of your surroundings. At the same time, it allows people to see your face and expressions fully, unlike regular face masks.

microclimate air helmet front


microclimate air helmet front side


The MicroClimate AIR helmet is an innovative alternative to regular face masks

lady wearing microclimate air helmet


man wearing a white ventilating helmet

There are also two high-powered fans at the bottom of the acrylic dome. These fans pull air through the filters, allowing optimal airflow through the helmet while keeping it fog-free. Meanwhile, the hood and the neck scarf, made of impermeable fabric, force all incoming and outgoing air through the filters. The scarf also comes with two drawstrings to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.


It offers superior protection against coronavirus while ensuring comfort

man wearing microclimate air helmet


man wearing a black ventilating helmet

Weighing approximately two pounds, AIR is powered by two lithium polymer batteries that can last up to eight hours when fully charged. It uses a USB-C cable for charging, which comes with the unit. As per the product description, charging time may take between three to eight hours, depending on your charger. Other accessories that come with the unit include a microfiber cloth for cleaning, cushion liners, and a carrying case.


To ensure optimal hearing capacity when wearing the helmet, the company recommends using Apple AirPods and enabling the Live Listen feature. This will then enable your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to serve as a microphone that will send sound to your AirPods.

AIR is currently available for pre-order at $199 each and will start shipping early in December. According to the company, they’re also currently working on developing the helmet for a variety of applications, including everyday use, healthcare, and education.

Source: MicroClimate Website | Facebook | Instagram