Stelios Mousarris Is A Quirky Furniture Designer That Really Does Put The “Fun” In Functional

Furniture can double as exquisite works of art. And these contemporary tables literally puts ‘fun’ in functional. For centuries, furniture design didn’t only revolve around functionality. While the purpose of the furnishing itself is still of utmost importance, its aesthetic value is also a huge factor for its overall quality.

Table design, in particular, has evolved so much over the years. From sophisticated classical to whimsical contemporary style, furniture design has really gone outside of its box. We’ve seen stunning resin tables that resemble soft ocean waves and geode slices. There are also unique tables that are made to look like animals half-submerged in water. Modern furniture designers are indeed cleverly redefining contemporary furniture style. But a Cypriot designer takes contemporary furniture to a whole new level with his fanciful conceptual furniture.

mousarris single rocket furniture

Stelios Mousarris impressively merges function and fancy with his ingenious application of modern technology. His stunning collection of contemporary tables features a collaboration between traditional handcraft techniques and modern 3D printing technology. Mostly inspired by present-day subjects such as city skylines and rocket ships, Mousarris brings his imagination to life through his outstanding creations.


Single Rocket Coffee Table

single rocket coffee table


Rocket Coffee Table

rocket inspired furniture


White Rocket Coffee Table

rocket inspired furniture white


Golden Rocket Table

mousarris contemporary tables golden rocket


golden rocket table


Wave City Coffee Table

mousarris contemporary tables wave city


wave city coffee table details


Black Edition Wave City Coffee Table

black edition wave city coffee table


mousarris contemporary tables black edition wave city


Wave City Dining Table

wave city dining table


wave city modern style furniture


City Cube

black edition city cube piece


black edition city cube details


mousarris contemporary tables black edition city cube


In addition to contemporary subjects, the talented designer also takes inspiration from natural elements such as mountains and water. This is clearly evident through his Plexus Ping Pong Table and his Rippling Dining Table. To create the 3D printed ping pong table, Mousarris used pictures of mountain terrain to design the wire base and net. The Rippling Table, on the other hand, is made from high quality glass resin that mimics the pattern of rings caused by a single drop of water on a calm lake.


Plexus Ping Pong Table

stelios mousarris plexus ping pong


mousarris contemporary tables plexus ping pong


Rippling Dining Table

mousarris contemporary tables rippling


rippling dining table

If you’re looking for something more playful and more colorful, his line of contemporary tables also includes the Squishies Table. This glass cubical table is filled with squishy toys that are densely packed from wall to wall. Plus, the glass also features semi-frosted corners to make it seem like the squishy toys are breathing inside.


Squishies Table

squishies table


glass cube furniture filled with squishy toys


Willy Oak

stelios mousarris willy oak


mousarris willy oak piece


Holding On Coffee Table

mousarris holding on

Mousarris’ contemporary tables are all available for sale. Furthermore, the company creates each piece in limited editions of 25 only. Check out the company website to browse its entire collection and to purchase your ‘dream table’. Impress your guests with these one-of-a-kind tables that will surely make an interesting conversation piece.

Source: Stelios Mousarris