The McDonald’s McRib Sandwich Is Coming Back For A Limited Time

It has been a tumultuous year and we know you all are in need of some good news. So here it is:  McDonald’s McRib is finally back! In recent years, the legendary sandwich has been generally offered for a short time each year. And every year, fans anxiously await for its return on the menu. Although the fan-favorite sandwich is a permanent menu item at McDonald’s Germany and Luxembourg, it has been popping on and off the menu for the rest of the world.

Thankfully, the American fast food company is setting its eyes on making everyone happy as we prepare to wrap up year 2020. The much-anticipated return of McDonald’s McRib is set on December 2nd, not just in the US, but in all countries nationwide. The last time the sandwich was offered nationwide was way back 2012. So, there’s no reason not to mark your calendars for for its comeback.


McDonald’s McRib Returns For A Limited Time

mcdonald's mcrib sandwich

Starting December 2nd, you will be able to find the McDonald’s McRib on the menu wherever you are in the world. For those who missed the saucy, tender seasoned boneless pork sandwich, this is your chance to experience that goodness once again. And for those who haven’t tried it yet, make sure you’re not missing out again this time. The sandwich features boneless pork patty shaped like a rack of ribs and slathered in smoky, tangy barbecue sauce. The saucy patty is then topped with slivered onions and tart pickles. So, now you know why fans are always craving for it.


“The McRib has been a beloved menu item at McDonald’s since its inception nearly 40 years ago,” Linda VanGosen, vice president of menu innovation, said in a press release. “There’s nothing quite like the taste of the McRib. To our customers, it’s become more than a delicious, saucy moment … it’s a season, and it’s taking the internet by storm.”


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Take note though that the Mcdonald’s McRib is offered for a limited time only. But we’ll just have to focus on the bright side here. We can finally taste the savory sandwich again starting December and that’s all that matters.