12 Smart Alternative Uses For Ordinary Things

Many things in life have more than one capability, however, it’s easy to not realize some of these dual purpose items as sometimes their opposing uses are pretty strange and unexpected. Here we have a collection of alternative uses for ordinary things that you might be surprised to learn about! We’re talking everything from using bread to clear up glass shards all the way to using baking soda as replacement for deodorant. Take a look and see for yourself, we’ll definitely be trying out more than a few of these tips! 

We have all experienced that worrying moment when we realize that we’ve run out of deodorant. This usually happens when you are in a rush so can’t stop off and buy some. However, fear not, a small amount of baking soda can be used to freshen your pits! 

It can be confusing and annoying trying to figure out which cable is responsible for which appliance. Remove this hassle by using bread tags as labels! 

Most of us have smashed a glass at some point in our lives. Cleaning up the mess can sometimes lead to cuts and scrapes. Also, depending on the size of the pieces, it’s easy to miss bits out when tidying. A great way around this is to use a slice of bread! However, be sure to push gently so that the shards don’t come through the bread and hurt your hand. 

Things that are packaged in plastic can be a right old pain to get in to. Make your life easier by using a can opener! 

Need an easy way to slice cheese? Grab a potato peeler, it does the job wonderfully!

If you want to boost the volume of your phone but don’t have access to any speakers, simply placing your phone in a bowl will work nicely. 

Computer and laptop keyboards are something many of us don’t clean often enough. But, it’s actually a really easy task if you have access to some sticky notes! 

Empty Pringles tubes are great for storage when it comes to things like spaghetti! 

It’s inevitable that your sink will let off a bad smell at some point. Grease and foods can lead to blockages that let off a foul odor. However, placing some salt down your plughole followed by boiling water should combat this. 

Boiled eggs can be delicious but it can be a pain when the shells crack. Adding salt to the water should prevent this from happening! 

With just some tape and a coffee filter, you can make a flash diffuser that works really well!

Another great use for a coffee filter here! They are great for straining wine if the cork has broken inside the bottle.