This Awesome Dark Knight-Inspired House Is A Must See


We're sure that most Batman fans or enthusiasts have thought about what it would be like to have your own Batcave underneath your home, but for most people it's an unattainable dream. However, these home owners had the cash and decided to have an awesome secret space built. The house in question is a gorgeous mansion in Toorak, Melbourne, which was originally built in 1928. It was being stripped back inside and completely renovated, but that wasn't enough for the owners. They brought architecture and design firm 'Molecule' in on the action and managed to create an incredible space based on the look of the Batcave from The Dark Knight movie. Check it out!
Website: Molecule


Here's the house from the outside. Impressive!


And, not so bad inside, either!



But, how to get to the Batcave? Oh, you just raise the tennis court and drive right in, of course!




If only we could all fulfill our dreams!

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