McDonald’s Have A New Pie Filled With Cookies & Cream And It Looks Amazing

We’re loving McDonald’s more and more with every delicious offering they release. Case in point: McDonald’s Malaysia’s new mouthwatering cookies and cream pie. Now, the fast food giant is no stranger to the combo. They’ve been offering the McFlurry for so long that it’s become a menu staple. With all the delightful iterations of their signature offerings like the Holiday Pie, it’s not at all hard to know why people can’t resist.

In contrast with the classic McFlurry’s chill vibes, the new Cookies & Cream Pie is best enjoyed while it’s hot. Their common denominator? Crushed Oreo cookie bits, of course! But the new Oreo Pie definitely wins over the McFlurry in terms of chocolatey-ness.

cookies and cream pie
McDonald’s Malaysia


McDonald’s Cookies & Cream Pie is made with Oreo bits

McDonald’s Malaysia announced the debut of their pie on their website on November 11, 2019. Naturally, their patrons made a beeline to nearest McDonald’s branch to try it out. The curious pie flavor combination certainly wowed people’s taste buds because they all raved about how delicious it was.

And it’s not hard to know why they loved it. Ever since McDonald’s saw how well-received their chocolate pie crust was, it appears that we’ll be seeing and tasting more of it for a long time. Now compared to the initial Chocolate Pie that they released last year, the Cookies & Cream pie variant contains a delicious cream filling that’s been mixed with crushed Oreo bits. Per the samplers, the filling was totally gooey and tasty.


Unfortunately, the pie is still exclusively available in Malaysia. If you’ve got an upcoming trip to the country, you should totally add a quick side trip to the nearest McDonald’s branch. Each pie only costs RM3.95, so you can grab one for yourself and for your friends! We highly recommend pairing it together with a McFlurry, so you can get as much Oreo cookie goodness as possible!


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