The McDonald’s Holiday Pie Is Back Ready To Fulfil All Your Vanilla Custard Dreams

We all love McDonald’s and their pies. Their pocket-sized pies have a special place in our hearts and tummies. And while their Baked Apple Pie has certainly cemented itself as the chain’s bestselling dessert, their festive treats have definitely gained a loyal following as well. One of these seasonal offerings is the McDonald’s Holiday Pie, which is making a delightfully delicious return to make our meals merrier!

This particular holiday pie debuted in 2010. And people loved it. Since then, the pie’s return has become something of a tradition for the chain during the Christmas season. By the looks of it, the pie has already made its return this year. However it appears that the pie is only available in some locations. It’s important to note that while the pie is very much loved by McDonald’s fans everywhere, the decision of releasing it remains with the franchise owners. Hopefully the franchise closest to us decides to spread some holiday cheer too!

McDonald's Holiday Pie


Get your custard fix with the McDonald’s Holiday Pie

According to the chain’s official description, the pie contains “creamy, smooth vanilla custard” inside their signature “flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar”. The pie is also dressed for the occasion, with its rainbow sprinkle toppings. Its colorful appearance doesn’t exactly scream “Christmas!”, but its flavor definitely fits the holiday season.


According to fans, the pie tastes more like cake batter, which we have no objections with at all. You can get this pie for around $0.86 in the event that you do manage to locate it. It contains 260 calories and a whole lot of gooey, creamy goodness. The pie will only be available for a limited time, so let the hunt begin! Don’t miss out on this creamy seasonal pie or else, you’d be carrying your disappointment into 2020, and we don’t that, do we?

McDonald's Holiday Pie in a baking pan


People are ecstatic to find the pie back in the menu