McDonald’s Brought Back The Coconut Pie And I’m Feeling The Tropical Vibes

McDonald’s Coconut Pie is officially back on the menu for the second time around! Sadly, just like its initial release in 2017, it still remains a Singapore-exclusive. Clearly, McDonald’s Singapore is making everyone from the other side of the world envious of their mouthwatering offerings.

Earlier this year, they released a new Popcorn Caramel Ice Cream, then came the much-awaited comeback of their Chocolate Pie. And now, this. Are we the only ones wishing to book a flight to Singapore so that we could get our hands on this yummy dessert? We bet not.


McDonald’s Coconut Pie is the tropical getaway we all deserve in the form of a dessert

The fast-food chain officially announced the comeback of the summertime favorite via its Instagram page. The fruity pie features a crispy coating outside and a rich coconut filling inside. On top of that, you’ll also get to enjoy chewy bits of nata de coco (coconut gel) in every bite. As with any other McDonald’s pies, this one is also served hot. So, you better get your taste buds ready because this treat will surely send you to a tropical frenzy.

Apparently, the fast-food chain has got all coconut lovers excited about this tropical treat. One user commented, “I love your coconut pie. Please don’t leave me again!” Another one wrote, “I really wanna try that but why does this have to happen during quarantine.”

However, unlike typical pie flavors like apple and chocolate, people seem to have varying opinions regarding this summertime dessert. One user noted, “Honestly it wasn’t bad but neither was it fantastic.” Another one said, “I don’t know, my sister and mother kinda liked it so maybe I’m just weird.” Either way, they’re all lucky to have got their hands on such a delightful dessert.

Here’s to hoping that this tropical treat reaches our side of the world too, so we could taste it for ourselves. Until then, let’s drool over McDonald’s Singapore’s exclusive offerings via its Instagram page and continue hoping for the best.

Source: McDonald’s Singapore