Bee Hale Repaints Fashion Dolls To Look Like Real Women


If you've ever seen fashion dolls, such as Bratz and Moxy, you'll know that they're made up and over-sexualized, looking nothing like real women. While a lot of kids like playing with them, many adults don't believe they're good role models for children. One such adult is Bee Hale. She takes old unwanted fashion dolls and gives them a makeover, or a make-under to be more accurate. Using watercolor pencils and acrylic paint, Bee repaints their whole faces so that these dolls look more like real women. She also gives them fun new hairstyles and cute classic clothing, that makes these dolls look like vintage superstars. Bee then sells these dolls as 'Bee Real Dolls'. She also does custom orders, which sometimes include scars or birthmarks to help kids feel comfortable with any so-called 'imperfections' they may have! Let's take a look at some of Bee's creations!
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