Missguided Are Selling Matching Knitted Jumpers For You And Your Dog

While we’re all looking forward to the winter holidays, let’s not forget the worst part of it: the freezing weather. We’re already starting to feel the chill creeping in, and we’re sure you are too. And, if you’re starting to feel the temperature drop, then your beloved fur baby probably feels it too. You might argue that their fur coat will be enough to keep them warm and comfy through the season, but one clothing brand begs to differ. Missguided has released a collection of matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners and by the looks of it, dog lovers are snatching them off the shelves as fast as they can.


Up your holiday fashion game with Missguided’s matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners

Missguided just gave us one more reason to love them. Over the years, the UK-based fashion brand has established itself as a fashion powerhouse with its stylish, comfortable, and affordable offerings. And it seems that the brand is venturing towards dressing up our beloved furry friends with their latest collection.

The brand’s matching collection features an array of cozy knit jumpers for humans and their beloved furry companions. We’re already imagining our pooches in these comfortably chic jumpers and we can’t help but sigh in adoration. Hopefully you haven’t sent out your annual family Christmas card yet because you’ll definitely want to show off your matching outfit with your pup! Dog loving fashionistas can choose between the classic white knit, a grey hooded cardigan, and a sleek beige turtleneck. On the other hand, the design features five adorable jumpers for your beloved pet dog.


Channel the sophisticated beauty of white snow with this matching knitted jumper set

matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners boucle jumper on model

You can never go wrong with white. This white cable-knit jumper will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Get the white cable-knit jumper for £15 at Missguided today. The canine-friendly version of the knitted jumper also features the roll neck style. More importantly, your pup won’t feel constricted by the jumper since it’s designed to loosely cling to your dog’s body rather than snugly fitting it. As of writing, the white cable knitted jumper for dogs is sold out, but we’re sure Misguided will have a fresh stock coming soon.

matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners hotdog in a boucle jumper


Make a classy statement at your Christmas party by showing up in a matching camel-colored jumper set with your pooch!

matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners camel jumper on model

If you’ve outgrown those flashy (and sometimes horrendous) Christmas jumpers, then this camel-colored knit jumper with cable-knit sleeves will make a nice, low-key statement. It’s currently on sale for £17.50 at Missguided. Make your pooch the star of the show with this on-trend, stone-hued, cable-knit, jumper! Unfortunately, it’s also sold out at the moment. We’ve got our fingers crossed for the restock though!

matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners stone jumper on dog


These matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners make the perfect outfit pairing this holiday season

matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners pudding jumper closeup

Dress up your pet in this brown knitted Christmas pudding dog jumper and watch your aunts squeal with delight! It’s available at Missguided for £12 right now, so you’d better hurry before this one is sold out too! The holly detail on this jumper makes it the perfect jumper for your pet dog to wear during family gatherings this season!


Your fur baby will look like the cutest candy cane in this red striped hoodie

matching knitted jumpers for dogs and their owners striped reindeer sweater

As of writing, the striped antler hoodie has already sold out. But we’re sure Missguided’s got a new batch of these adorable doggy hoodies on the way, so be vigilant!


This one’s for the bold types

red ribbed jumper for dogs

This red knitted hoodie will definitely make an unforgettable statement at your gathering. We bet even Rudolf the Reindeer would want one! So, hopefully a new delivery of these comes through soon!


Missguided’s dog sweater collection comes in three sizes

The dog sweaters come in three different sizes. The smallest size fits Chihuahuas, Mini Dachshunds, Small Yorkshires, and other breeds of similar size. Jack Russell Terriers, Border Terriers, mini Schnauzers, Small Pugs, mini Poodles, Cavaliers, and small Cocker Spaniels, can wear the medium sized sweaters. On the other hand, large Westies, larger Cocker Spaniels, and Beagles can fit into the large sized sweaters. Sadly, these are the only sizes Missguided’s dog sweaters line can accommodate at the moment. Hopefully, their next dog sweater collection can cater to even bigger dogs as well so that our extra large bundles of fluff can feel extra warm during the winter season. Our furry friends will definitely enjoy winter even more with these on!