Fidel The Most Photographed Dog In Bruges Passed Away, Now People Are Sharing Their Photos Of Him Over The Years

Fidel, the most photographed dog in Bruges, is greatly missed after he passed away four years ago. Visitors who took a boat out on the Côté Canal in Bruges would never forget their remarkable cruising experience there. Being one of the most picturesque canals in the world, the stunning architecture surrounding the waterways is also worth seeing. However, there was one unexpected sight that would delight every visitor passing the canal.

Up on the windowsill of a particular Bed and Breakfast adjacent to the canal, a sleepy Labrador peacefully watches visitors drifting by with his head on a pillow. Visitors immediately fell in love with the dog, with most of them taking photos of the delightful spectacle. Photos of the adorable ‘pooch in the window’ quickly became viral on social media. And just like that, the Labrador became a celebrity in the city of Bruges, Belgium.


Fidel, the famous Labrador dog in Bruges

fidel most photographed dog in bruges

The dog lived in the ancestral Côté Canal Bed and Breakfast together with his owner Caroline Van Langeraert who also owns the establishment. According to Caroline, the mellow doggo would spend most of his time peeking out of the vine-clad window. He has been doing this for years as if almost serving as the guardian of the Côté Canal. Right after news about him spread like wildfire, he became one of the biggest attractions in Bruges. Some tourists would even visit the city just to take photos of him.


He Was Even In A Movie

He was so popular that he even made a cameo appearance in the 2008 film In Bruges starring Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes. In the movie, he can be seen on his usual spot overlooking Colin Farrell and his co-stars boat-drifting on the canal. But sadly on January 2016, the famous dog fell ill and died at the age of 12. His owner and his entire fan base were greatly heartbroken by the sad news. Although Bruges lost its gentle guardian, the happiness the dog brought to its visitors will never be lost.

It has been four years since his death. Occasionally, visitors would still look up at his usual spot and tell their stories about the dog that once was there. And how they missed him. Recently, Twitter user @greenanorak (Amy) stumbled upon photos of the dog on the internet, not realizing who that dog was. She found the photos so adorable and shared them on her Twitter page.

greenanorak post about bruges yellow lab


yellow lab overlooking cote canal bruges


greenanorak shares bruges dog photo


greenanorak shares yellow lab in bruges photo


famous dog in bruges

Of course, those who are familiar with the famous dog quickly pointed out who the dog was in the photos. And it was only then that Amy found out that the yellow lab had already passed away in 2016.

famous bruges dog passed away 2016

The recently shared photos gave his fans the spark to pay tribute to the dog who made their trip to Bruges memorable. People began sharing photos of the famous dog they took through the years. Starting from 2004 when he was just one year old up to his last appearances in 2015.

fidel bruges september 2004


fidel bruges photo 2006


fidel bruges photo 2009


fidel bruges photo april 2009


bruges famous dog photo april 2009


bruges famous dog photo 2010


bruges famous dog photo may 2012


bruges famous dog photo 2013


fidel bruges photo 2014


fidel bruges photo july 2014


fidel bruges photo august 2015


bruges famous dog photo 2015


bruges famous dog last photo 2015


last photos of famous dog in bruges


People are expressing their love for Fidel

famous bruges dog comment fikar


famous bruges dog comment snowbird


famous bruges dog comment bebe


famous bruges dog comment deborah


famous bruges dog comment pam


famous bruges dog comment bram


famous bruges dog comment daniel


Others also shared photos of animals that reminded them of him

animals posing like fidel mehmet


animals posing like fidel belhelmel


animals posing like fidel rafael


animals posing like fidel rudeek


animals posing like fidel jordean


animals posing like fidel christ


animals posing like fidel heidi


animals posing like famous bruges dog apdng


animals posing like famous bruges dog lefty