You Can Now Buy Matching Bathrobes For You and Your Pet

Matching couple outfits are definitely the trend now. This fashion trend has become a statement in couples saying that they are the perfect match. So, can pets and owners do the same? Well, there are no rules that forbid owners and pets to wear matching outfits too. In fact, they can even take ‘matching’ up a notch. Matching outfits are typically in the forms of shirts, jackets, sweaters, or anything that you can flaunt to the public. However, you’ve probably have you heard about these matching bathrobes for you and your pet?

Unlike other matching outfits, bathrobes are not intended to be worn out in the open. Instead, its main purpose is to provide comfort when coming out of the shower or just lounging around the house. It would be nice to relax with your pet after a tiring day. And it would be more relaxing if both you and your pet are wearing matching bathrobes.

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dog bathrobe

The Posh Paws Company (through Etsy) introduces its line of comfortable dressing gowns for owners and dogs. Each robe is individually handmade using both textured and soft fleece. It comes with a collar (hood), two front pockets and a tie belt. Not only are these matching bathrobes comfy but they are fashionable as well. You can upload a picture of you and your pet in your matching bathrobes and be the envy of all pet lovers.

Choose from four different colors – cream, grey, red, blue and white stripe. The company also allows you to add custom piece or personal lettering for additional charge. You can also add a gift box (with additional charge) if you plan to give it to someone special. Size variants are available for both owner and dog size which ranges from extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

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Bonding time with your pet doggy? Make it more relaxing and more fashionable with these matching bathrobes. Plus, you can add some personal touch by putting your pet’s name on the robes. With this amazing find, you and your adorable canine have absolutely found the perfect match.
Get your matching bathrobes today!