Star Wars Bathrobe

Ah, I can hear the music now, the credits zooming below us into deep, dark space…'A long time ago, in a Bathroom far far away…The Rebel Alliance and Galactic Hoobie Wotsits have been poking fun at Gareth's thinning bathrobe and surprisingly small Lightsaber. It is up to Darth Vader to bring Gareth over to the Dark Side and wrap him in dark cotton comfiness.



  1. Siân Knowles

    omfg. WANT/NEED

  2. Margory Freyre Delgado

    Oscar Segura Heros creo q esto te encantaria!

  3. Judith Coulthard Bartelt

    rI thought of you Brian.

  4. Dave Harris

    If anybody ever wanted to get me something….Here it is.

    • Hannah Bell

      That's an expensive ass robe

    • Hannah Bell

      That's an expensive ass robe

    • Dave Harris

      but it's AWESOME!!!!

  5. MissRee TerenaBianca IrishQueen

    How much (inc postage) to send to australia???

  6. Billy Campos

    I want it.

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