You Can Get Jack Skellington And Pumpkin String Lights For Halloween

It has been a long-standing tradition to deck out our homes for the holidays to match the occasion. While dressing up our homes with seasonal decors is half the fun, it can be a bit tiring to put up and take down all the fancy decorations when it’s time to switch for the next holiday. Save time and costs with these Jack Skellington and Pumpkin string lights to deck your home for the Halloween. And carry you through Thanksgiving and Christmas without compromising style.

Transitioning from the spooky season to the festive season has never been this easy. With these holiday string lights, you can adorn your indoor or outdoor space in time for Halloween and just leave them out until Christmas. This decorative lighting has 10 incandescent bulbs featuring the face of Jack Skellington and scary jack-o-lanterns. Besides, Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas presents a dazzling mix of fright and fun that renders Halloween and Yuletide vibes, whichever is suitable for the occasion. And since pumpkins also go hand in hand with Thanksgiving, it also makes a fitting décor for the Turkey Day.


Jack Skellington and Pumpkin String Lights

nightmare before christmas inspired hanging bulbs

All 10 hanging bulbs give off a bright white light to provide dazzling illumination for parties or just to add an alluring ornament to your haunted house. Featuring a mix of Jack Skellington’s faces and spooky pumpkins, the bright lights hang from a 9-foot string and line up 12-inches apart from each other. Each mini bulb measures 5-mm in diameter and are arranged in alternating order.

jack skellington and pumpkin string lights


jack skellington and pumpkin string lights decor

This linkable string has plug at both ends so you can connect multiple string lights to cover more spaces. Simply plug it in and watch the faces of Jack Skellington and the pumpkins give off a steady warm glow. Each 9-feet long lighting comes with replacement bulbs and fuses. If you place these string lights outdoor, make sure that they are sheltered from rain or snow. Furthermore, this is a licensed Disney product which makes a worthy collectible for all Disney fanatics.

jack skellington and pumpkin string lights disney

Source: Lowe’s