Unique Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Feel Warm Inside

A marriage proposal tends to go one of two ways. Firstly, a huge amount of planning and preparation goes into it. Or, secondly, you find yourself suddenly feeling like the moment is just right and doing it unexpectedly as emotion and love take over. There’s no right or wrong way and the process is an extremely special one. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to know how to pop the question. Here we have some unique marriage proposals that are sure to make you feel all warm inside! Take a look, there’s some good inspiration here!
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Unique Marriage Proposals

What a special surprise! 

Sometimes a simple, intimate moment is the best time and place to propose. 

That’s definitely not something you expect to hear on your flight intercom! 

The perfect proposal for a Pokemon fan… 

It makes us feel so happy for others when they get surprised like this! 

Hawaii is a fantastic place to propose! What a lovely gesture that the family will be there to enjoy the after celebrations. 

We completely agree. ‘Fancy’ is not a must for some people! 

This couple sure proved everyone wrong! 

Wow. This sounds like such a beautiful moment. 

What an incredible thing to wake up to! 

Congratulations! Overcoming a stutter is difficult, especially when experiencing nerves and pressure. 

You just never know when a standard trip can turn into something spectacular! 

This blew our minds. After the 1st date? It must have been a serious case of love at first sight! 

This one’s a tear jerker! 

How lovely that this moment was captured on camera for the couple to look back on.