Times Hiding A Surprise Engagement Ring Went Terribly Wrong

Many women dream of a surprising and remarkable wedding proposal. And, giving credit where it’s due, some people absolutely nail their proposals. But sometimes, even a great plan can go painfully wrong. Here we have a list of times hiding a surprise engagement ring didn’t go as planned. Take a look! 

Surprise ruined.

Keeping the surprise a secret.

Accident ruins everything.

Found it, tried it.

Did he forget about it?

Good things come to those who wait.

That’s so sweet…

This is lovely, congratulations guys! 

No place is safe.

We hope she hasn’t thrown away the gifts.

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Be careful not to eat it whole.

This is what I’m talking about earlier…

The importance of determining the correct ring size.

Any possibility of a reconciliation?

A gorgeous man and a ring, couldn’t ask for more.

What a disappointing surprise.

An unexpected discovery…

This is definitely a proposal she will never ever forget.

Hoping for the best.

Just act surprised.

All years of planning and everything goes down the drain.