Man Dresses Up Everyday In Different Costumes To Cheer People Up While He Walks His Dogs

As communities all over the world continue to be in lockdown, more and more people are coming up with creative ways to keep things interesting. Some have decided to re-deck their homes with Christmas lights. Others are posting jokes to cheer up their community. But this former Royal Marine from Weymouth, England is entertaining his neighborhood by dressing up in the craziest costumes whenever he goes out to walk his dogs. And thanks to his fellow former Royal Marine Jack P. (@jackp593), his hilarious antic have reached the internet!

So it’s only sensible to stay home these days. However, the needs of our pets are different from ours, so pet owners can’t help but take out their dogs for walks even in this situation. And, with all the neighbors confined indoors, the atmosphere will definitely feel unusual. Sensing that some of his neighbors may be feeling lonely at this time, former Royal Marine S.J. decided to start wearing over-the-top outfits to help brighten their day!


“My mate has been dressing up everyday to cheer the neighbourhood up while he takes the dogs out”





This former Royal Marine is dressing up in amusing costumes to give his neighbors something to look forward to

We’re not exactly sure how long this extravagant show’s been going on. But judging by the collection of photos Jack P.’s included in his viral Tweet, it’s safe to assume that’s it’s been happening for some time already. As of writing, his Tweet has already gained 26.7K likes and it has been retweeted 3.8K times. In his delightful tweet, the good-humored former Royal Marine can be seen wearing  a parade of colorful costumes. One day he’s a belly dancer, then a Roman solder the next!

Naturally, the former’s Royal Marine’s costume collection intrigued many. How could he have so many costumes? Do the Royal Marines hold a lot of functions that require wacky getups? Jack P. was quick to clarify that his friend didn’t own a costume shop. So we can assume that this good-humored former guy just likes wearing costumes. But it’s definitely fun to see, isn’t it? Aside from transforming into a belly dancer and a Roman soldier, he’s also turned himself into a slew of other characters. So, scroll down below to see all his wacky costumes!






Another fellow Royal Marine recognized this gallant dog walker


His costumes are cheering up a lot of people











Source: @jackp593