This Guy “Specializes” In Low Cost Cosplay Costumes And The Results Are Hilariously Good

Seeing a well-executed cosplay costume is always fun, whether as a cosplayer or as a casual observer. After all, how could you not admire the result of the cosplayer’s effort? After all, their costume, makeup and props are not easy or cheap. But Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is challenging this costume play norm with his low cost cosplay. The 25-year-old entertainer from Bangkok, Thailand has been experimenting with unusual costume materials since 2013. These days, his resourceful creativity has turned him into a popular presence in the online community.

Saengchart launched his Facebook page back in 2013. And now he has an impressively massive 5 million-strong fanbase on the platform. Saengchart isn’t the first to wow the internet with cool yet cheap cosplay. In fact, he’s got a Russian counterpart! But his dedication to putting out one hilarious portrayal after the other makes him stand out from the crowd. Over the years, his range has continued to widen. From video game characters, fictional movie characters, anime characters, cartoon characters and even objects… Saengchart can become them. Sometimes without even having to spend a single cent!


Saengchart’s low cost cotumes prove that you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy cosplay

Believe it or not, cosplay’s popularity has turned into a $45 billion industry in the United States alone. And it should not come as a surprise that wigs and costumes contributed some $17 billion that the industry earned in 2017. This industry will continue to grow, as more and more people join in. These numbers only prove that a lot of people take cosplay very seriously and will spend as much possible in order to get the costume of their dreams. So the contrast between those expensive cosplays and Saengchart’s cheaper cosplay is pretty stark, startling and comical. And people love Saenchart’s cosplays so much because it shows that you don’t have to shell out much to show your love for your favorite pop culture characters!

To create his costumes, Saengchart makes use of various materials you’d find at home. For example, he used bananas as a wig when he cosplayed as Sailor Moon, and even covered himself with packing tape to transform into a lizard on the wall. Every post from Saengchart is a spectacle because you never really know what he’s going to use next. Sometimes, his pet cats get to take part in his cosplays, when he needs a little furry companion… or in one case, a “little black dress”.


To keep the cost of his costumes low, Saengchart sometimes turns to body art

When he isn’t posing with his pet cats or using household items for his low cost costumes Saengchart draws on himself. He appears to be fond of using his nose, chin and even belly to bring familiar characters and objects to life. Using only his oiled belly to create Krispy Kreme’s Original Glaze donut is arguably one of his most iconic low cost creations so far! Saengchart’s confidence in using his body for his costumes is certainly admirable, as it promotes body positivity among cosplayers.


He’s not afraid to wear food


… or to become food, either


Others can feel a little shy and want to hide to their bellies and bodies, but Seangchart doesn’t shy away from showing off his


Saengchart also uses some pretty clever photography tricks to get his low cost cosplay as on point as possible

Aside from using household objects, Saengchart also tends to lean on photography tricks to get his cosplays right. To transform himself into the grown up version of Gon from the hit anime series Hunter X Hunter with the epically long hair, Saengchart simply used his reflection from a gleaming cooking pot instead of attempting to create a gravity-defying wig. Apart from reflections, he also makes use of clever angling and shadow techniques to present his hilarious recreations. In an interview, the cosplayer said,

“If you become creative and properly use your imagination, you can use anything that makes you happy to cosplay.”


His adorable pet cats also get to join in on the cheap cosplay fun


We can’t help but wonder how the cats feel about co-starring in their owner’s antics


To see more of Seangchart’s funny low cost cosplays, you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Which of his creative cheap cosplays did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below!