This Incredible Rainbow Sculpture Is Made From An Everyday Material


At first glance, you might wonder how artist Gabriel Dawe created this gorgeous, expansive rainbow sculpture. But, on closer inspection you'll see that it's made from simple sewing or embroidery thread… 60 miles worth of the stuff, in fact! This 19-foot high sculpture is titled 'Plexus A1' and winds its way through the halls of the 'Smithsonian Renwick Gallery'. Dawe says that the inspiration for this piece came from when he was a child and he was told that embroidery was just for girls. This stuck with him and drove him to learn the technique as an adult. He says that this ultimately caused him to 'question the many social constructs that we sometimes presume to be permanent, rigid and inflexible'. Whatever the meaning behind it, this piece is beautiful! Check it out!
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