40 People Share Hilarious “I Don’t Own A Cat” Moments And They’re Pure Gold

Most of the time, people get to pick their preferred pets from shelters and pet stores. But every so often, pets get to choose their humans too. Some lucky people shared their I don’t own a cat photos to tell their stories of how they ended up becoming a cat owner out of the blue.

So, you’ve probably have encountered some stray cats roaming around your area at some point. Sometimes, these homeless cats can become too friendly with you. And by ‘friendly’ we mean they would invade your home and make a servant out of you. Just like what happened to these people who shared their I don’t own a cat photos that show how they became an instant slave to these adorable kitties.


We Have Some Of The Best Photos To Show You


“My Parents Started Feeding A Stray Kitten A Couple Weeks Ago. This Was Their Front Porch Today”

i don't own a cat photos family of stray cats


These Are So Many Stray Cats. So, That Means There Are Plenty Of Opportunities For The I Don’t Own A Cat Photos.

So, it is estimated that there are approximately 70 million stray cats in the United States alone. Most of these homeless cats were abandoned by their previous owners while some simply got lost. However, you should keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between a stray cat and a feral cat. Just like we explained earlier, a stray cat had a previous owner. Hence, stray cats can still socialize and trust people. On the other hand, a feral cat never had any contact with humans its entire life. As a result, feral cats are fearful of people and would try to avoid human contact as much as possible.

“This Little Guy Showed Up On My Brother’s Farm One Day. My Brother Took Him To The Vet, And His 10 Year Old Daughter Told Him All She Wanted Was This Guy For Her Christmas, She Wanted No Presents Any More But This Guy… Meet Popeye”

i don't own a cat photos popeye


There Is a Difference Between Feral and Stray Cats

It’s almost impossible to tame feral cats and they tend to become dangerously aggressive if you try to touch them. Stray cats, on the other hand, tend to depend on people for food and shelter in order to survive. For instance, some stray cats would break into random houses to get food or shelter. But we need to understand that they would go these lengths when they need to. As pre-owned pets, they tend to have a bit of remaining trusts on humans which compels them to approach people and ask for help. However, a stray cat can become a feral cat when contacts with humans dwindle.


“Not My Dog, Not My Cat, But They Come To My House And Sit Like This Every Day…”

not my pets


Taking In Stray Cats Can Help To

Taking in a stray cat is also a great way to adopt a homeless pet. But take note that adopting a stray cat is not as simple as opening your doors for them and claiming them as your own. If you happen to find a stray cat in your home, try to give it something to eat as it is most likely starving. And if you have other household pets, try to isolate the stray cat from them. Once you’ve fed a stray cat, there’s a high chance that it will pay you a visit again. If that’s the case, take that chance to help it get used to you by talking to it while it is in an isolated room. Take it slowly but surely. Try to approach and touch it, but don’t force it when it shows signs of aggressiveness.


“Had My Window Open To Have A Smoke When I Suddenly Heard Meowing… Turned Around To See This Guy”

i don't own a cat photos black kitten window


Always Check For A Microchip

If it doesn’t mind getting touched or petted then you can safely take it to the vet. Chances are, the stray cat might be a lost pet and its owner might be looking for it. Ask the vet if the kitty has a microchip. If it has a microchip, contact the owner right away. Remember, a kitty without a microchip doesn’t automatically mean it doesn’t have an owner.  Take a photo of the cat along with your contact number and post them around your neighborhood. You can also make use of social media to share the photo. This would allow the owner to find the missing pet. However, if no one comes to claim the stray cat 7 days after posting the photos then you may consider it as an un-owned cat.


“Woke Up This Morning To This…”

family of stray kitties sleeping on porch


There are two possibilities when dealing with a stray cat.

You can turn it over to an animal shelter to help it find its forever home. Or you can opt to adopt it and take it in as a member of your family. But before you introduce it to your home, make sure to bring the stray cat to the vet first for a checkup, vaccinations, any necessary medication, deworming and neutering.


“So I Walked Into The Kitchen At 5:30am And Saw This In The Sink… This Is Not My Cat…”

stray kitty on the kitchen sink


“Found This Little Guy Squeaking In My Back Yard”

little kitten found in backyard


“This Guy Showed Up At My Back Door Last Night, I Guess I Own A Cat Now”

i don't own a cat photos


“There Has Been A Stray Cat Outside Of My House Since Summer. Today We Decided To Let Him Inside To Stay Warm And A Few Hours Later We Found Him Like This!”

stray kitty napping on couch


“Was Woken Up At 2.45 This Morning By This A**hole… I Don’t Own A Cat… Is This How You Get A Cat?”

woken up by a stray kitty


“Found This Little Guy In My Parent’s Back Garden. He Has Heart-Shaped Black Nose”

i don't own a cat photos heart-shaped nose


“This Little Guy Jumped Up In My Work Truck With Me For A Bit. Best Day Ever!”

stray kitty jumped up in truck


“Came Home. This Is Not My Cat. We Were Both Surprised”

stray kitty in the kitchen


“So, I Came Home To This… I Don’t Own A Cat”

i don't own a cat photos bathtub


“We Were Hearing Some Noises In Our Shop, So We Set A Live Trap And Caught This Guy”

stray kitty in auto shop


“I Woke Up To This On My Balcony, Seven Floors Up! I Don’t Even Own A Cat! This Is It… This Is How I Die”

creepy kitten on 7th floor balcony


“Came Home To This. I Don’t Own A Cat”

i don't own a cat photos mom kitty with litters


“This Guy Just Randomly Showed Up At My House One Day And Now We’re Bros. I Call Him Oj”

stray kitty found comfy home


But This One Is One Of The Funniest!


“Walked By The Bathroom And Something Caught My Eye, Did A Lean Back Double Take And Noticed….. I Don’t Have A Cat”

i don't own a cat photos black kitty on toilet


“Finished Painting The Kitchen, Went To Sit Down And Found This. Nothing Too Strange, Except The Fact I Don’t Have A Cat”

kitty pawprints paint couch


“So I Just Woke Up At 4:45 Am With A Non Stop Meowing Noise… Open My Apartment Door And This Little Guy Came Running In. Should I Keep Him?”

stray kitty nonstop meowing


“He Jumped In My Car And Wouldn’t Let Me Leave Without Him. I Don’t Own A Cat. Is This How You Get A Cat?”

stray kitty jumps in car


“The Cat That Lives Next-Door Came In To Say Hello”

friendly kitty next door


“Got Home From Work And Fell Asleep. Woke Up With This Guy On My Lap. I Don’t Have A Cat”

lap kitty


“Our Neighbor’s Cat Sometimes Comes Over For A Visit. Here He Thinks He’s Flowers”

neighbor kitty in flower vase


“I Guess I Have A New Cat. This Guy Walked In My Front Door And Made Himself At Home”

stray kitty makes himself at home


“My Dad Just Sent Me This Picture From Our Bathroom. We Don’t Have A Cat”

parents found a kitty in bathroom


“There Was A Visitor By My Guest House This Morning”

kitten in the guesthouse


“While Visiting My Girlfriends Family In New York, I Woke Up To This… They Don’t Own A Cat”

stray kitty girlfriend house


“Been Working In The Office For An Hour. Turned Around And Saw This. I Don’t Have A Cat”

i don't own a cat photos creepy kitty office


“I Don’t Own A Cat. I Was Having A Good Old Fashioned Day Nap And My Missus Snapped This Sneaky Feline Muscling In On My Hard Earned Warmth”

i don't own a cat photos sleeping buddy


People Are Sharing Their ‘I Don’t Own A Cat’ Photos

i don't own a cat photos kitten in the living room


“I Have Two Cats. This Is Neither Of Them. Intruder!”

furry intruder kitty


“I Live In A Student House. Two Cats Like To Visit Us And Play On The Ipad Sometimes”

two kitties love the ipad


“Didn’t Spot Him At First So Got A Slight Shock. Also, That Is Not My Cat”

i don't own a cat photos one of the toys


“Considering That I Don’t Own A Cat, I Was Surprised When I Heard A Weird Sound On The Car Porch And Noticed Them”

kittens on the car porch


And These Kittens are Super cute


Studying For Exams, When Suddenly This Guy Confirms The Stereotype. Also, This Isn’t Even My Cat

i don't own a cat photos kitty stereotype


“But I Don’t Own Any Cats…”

i don't own a cat photos kitty invasion


“Went To Use The Bathroom. We Don’t Own A Cat”

stray kitty sleeping on bathroom mat


I Don’t Own A Cat…

kitten hiding in the bag


“A Stray Cat Followed Me Home Last Night. This Is What I Woke Up To On My Porch This Morning”

i don't own a cat photos followed by stray kitty


“Came Home One Day And Heard A Meowing Under My Bed. I Don’t Own A Cat. I Guess I Do Now”

stray feline under my bed


I Don’t Own A Cat..

i don't own a cat photos kitty in the car


“I Went To Take The Garbage Out And A Cat Ran Into My House And Won’t Leave. Is This How You Get A Cat?”

stray feline runs into house


“Guys, He’s Back. I Tried Petting, He Doesn’t Seem Satisfied. Still Studying, Still Not My Cat”

stray feline loves petting


“I Got Up At 2.30am To Go To The Bathroom… I Don’t Own A Cat And My House Is Completely Closed”

stray feline with glowing eyes


“A Cat Appeared On My Sofa. I Don’t Own A Cat!”

stray feline on the sofa


“Went To Feed My Cat And This Is What I Found… This Is Not My Cat”

i don't own a cat photos kitty on the food tub


“Walked Into My Kitchen To Find This. As A Side Note, We Don’t Have A Cat…”

stray feline in the kitchen


“I Heard A Faint Meow From The Other Room… This Is Not My Cat, And I’m On The Second Floor”

i don't own a cat photos stray feline on the roof


So, which photo was your favorite?