Mailman Cristiano Takes ‘Selfies’ With The Animals He Encounters While Working (20 Pics)

By taking selfies with every dogs and cats he meets while on his job, this mailman debunks the stereotype that dogs and mailmen can’t be friends. Dogs and mailmen often have antagonistic relationship due to their respective lines of duty. Domestic canines are committed to protect their homes while the job of the mailman involves entering properties to deliver mails. So, you can clearly see how these two inevitably clash with each other.

But this might be just a myth, after all. Remember the UPS driver who befriends and takes photos of every dog he meets while out on his route? We just found another delivery guy who does exactly the same. Cristiano da Silva Antunes is a mailman from Sao Paulo, Brazil who also takes selfies with every animals he meets while delivering mails. On his Instagram page, he shares his collection of photos with dogs and cats he made friends with during work.


This Mailman Takes Selfies With Every Animal He Meets


Most of the times, people misunderstand the hostile behavior of dogs towards mailmen. Canines are very protective of their property and family. So, when a stranger enters their property, they tend to show aggressive behavior with the notion that the intruder may harm their family. Apparently, mailmen do this all the time. And since dogs see them as intruders, they usually bark at them to make them go away.


Cristiano understands the protective and possessive behaviors of dogs as he also owns a few canine pets. And it also helps that he owns some dogs and cats because it helps him make friends with other animals as well. Cristiano starts by greeting the dogs and letting them sniff his hand from a distance.

He revealed that connecting with a canine takes time as one needs to earn their trust completely before they can become friends. When a dog accepts you as a friend, they will show it by approaching you with a wagging tail. Some friendly canines may even lick your face to show their affection. And once you’ve formed that bond with them then it’s fine to take selfies with them.


More than just for selfies, Cristiano also takes his love for animals to help rescue dogs and cats that are in need of immediate medical attention. There are about 70 million stray animals in the US alone. So, it’s common for delivery guys to stumble upon homeless dogs and cats, with some already on the verge of death due to sickness and starvation. As an animal lover, Cristiano also takes on a mission to save every rescue animal he meets on his way.–fwIph1O8/


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Source: Instagram page