Russian Guy Creates Low Cost Cosplays From Household Objects

One of the greatest things about cosplay is that pretty much anyone can get involved. Of course, many people put a lot of time, money and effort into their costumes. However, these things aren’t compulsory requirements!

Here we present the work of Alexander Kravets from Moscow, Russia. He creates low cost cosplays from household objects and the end results are sure to put a smile on your face. Currently Alexander has almost 57 thousand Instagram followers so he must be doing something right!

The dog is really selling this ‘Alien’ scene! 

Introducing ‘Blow Up Doll and The Beast’! 

We wonder how those sausages are secured…

That’s a pretty impressive costume considering it’s made out of toilet roll! 

How a conversation with these two would go… ‘I am Groot’…’I am Foot’!

A waste of pizza, however, a good substitute for Freddie’s face!

Those sausage horns are brilliant! We can’t stop laughing! 

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We know which of these animals we would rather have on our head! 

Lana’s facial expression has been captured well here…

The real mother of dragons wins this one in our opinion! 

Princess Leia’s hairstyle will always be iconic! 

The toothbrushes did the job well!

The hammer on the right just isn’t mighty enough, sorry! 

We know what this is… the search for the missing sock! 

Well, we’d rather have skittles on our chest than bullet holes!

Source: Instagram