There’s Something Fishy About This Cup Of Tea


While drinking tea isn't as popular in the States as it is in some other countries, this nation still has its avid tea-drinkers. If you want to impress the tea-lovers in your life, or just freak out the person sitting next to you when you drink your cuppa, you need these goldfish tea bags in your life! These cute tea bags were designed by a Taiwanese company, Charm Villa, and are set to make your tea drinking experience that little bit more fun.

Website: Charm Villa


Once submerged into the cup of boiling water, these little fish take on the golden hue of the tea and look startlingly realistic. Nobody would peg you for a goldfish murderer, but these little guys will certainly cause people to do a double take. Plus, it's a golden opportunity to prank someone, as anybody would be shocked to find a fish floating around at the bottom of their cup of tea.


These fish out of water don't look all that impressive, although still rater cute.

But dunk them into hot water and they transform into beautiful goldfish. Sure, they don't look exactly like a real goldfish when you look closely, but it's not bad for some porous paper and a bit of tea.



Whether or not you feel like these are must-have items, you've got to admit that they're pretty darn cute, and probably the most unusual thing you'll ever find in your cup of tea. Or, at least, we hope so!


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