Hilarious Times Uber Drivers Surprised Their Customers

Uber is a car service used by millions of people. Generally, many rides will be as straightforward as getting a ‘normal’ taxi, with the added bonus that the fare is often cheaper. However, there are many Uber drivers going above and beyond to ensure good ratings. Sometimes they are brilliant and/or funny unintentionally! Here we have a list of hilarious times Uber drivers surprised their customers. These amusing images really lifted our mood. Take a look! 

This car was decorated by the driver’s grandchildren. We love the lights! 

Making a brilliant effort for Halloween! 

This is the type of sense of humor we really like. 

A good sign to avoid any confusion!

There’s lost, and then there’s Dinesh style lost… 

A lady left her purse in an Uber car. When she retrieved it the following day, there were some interesting photos on her phone! 

If you order an Uber in Manhattan, this could be your driver and vehicle! 

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Only in Dubai! What an awesome ride. 

This pretty much gets the driver an instant 5 stars. Winning! 

You can’t be bothered to read it all, but once you start, you can’t stop! 

A hug and some kind words from a stranger can be just what you need to brighten up your day! 

We know this driver’s game. With the cute canine, everyone will want to take detours and longer routes resulting in more money! We’re only joking, but we bet it happens! Adorable! 

Ultimate set of supplies. Everything you need for a night out! 

The morning after some heavy drinking, this is not what you want to be seeing! What a waste.