13 Images Showing Awesomely Clever Wall Lights That Transform Into Animals When Turned On

These days it can be increasingly difficult to find something unique that you love for your home. It seems everyone is quick to jump on the latest trends and things become common quickly. Here we present the awesome creations of designer Chen Bikovski. The talented lady makes minimalist light fixtures that look interesting and brilliant when both on and off, but when turned on you see a magnificent animal. The lights range in price depending on the material you choose between cardboard and aluminum. Check them out!
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We would love to own a few of these!

The clean lines mean that these lights will never look light they are cluttering your home.

The idea is so simple, yet so brilliant!

Here is an example of a light in action in a proper home setting. 

We think Chen’s designs are going to fly off the shelves!

The lights compliment any space…

And come in many differing colors.

You could choose to have multiple lights, like so…

Even when not in use the lights look cool!

Here is what you would receive if you choose to purchase.

We’ve definitely found an item for our Christmas list!

Mixing up colors looks amazing as well!