12 Examples Of Low Cost Cosplay That Will Make You Laugh


When you think about cosplay, you probably think of people wearing impeccably crafted costumes with insane attention to detail that have taken months to perfect. But, these kinds of costumes require a level of dedication, time and money that not everyone has, or is willing to put into creating an outfit. However, Thai cosplay fan and all-round funny guy Anucha “Cha” Saengchart shows us that you don’t need anything other than household items and some imagination to create cosplay costumes. They might not be exactly accurate, but they’re definitely hilarious! Take a look at these twelve examples of low cost cosplay that will make you laugh.



This is how you can be Wolverine AND Professor X at the same time.


A couple of computer mice could turn you into The Terminator.


If you’ve ever wanted to be a terrifying version of Po from The Teletubbies, here’s how!


Here’s a low cost version of the classic Scream mask.


Become a milk moustache Hulk Hogan.


You (or your thumb, at least) could be Jason from Friday the 13th.


A Hula Hoop (or other ring-shaped snack of your choice) will help turn you into Frodo from Lord of the Rings.


Here’s how to cosplay as the real life Ghost Ship.


All you need is two protractors to become Dr. Strange.


We love the utilization of cornflakes here.


If you have a cat, they can become the Beast to your Beauty.


Check out this bottle cap based Tron cosplay.

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