14 Incredible Photos All History Buffs Need To See – Part 2


If you’re interested in history, you’re in the exact right place, as we’ve got some incredible photos from years gone by for you to peruse. Featuring everything from the atrocities of the second world war to flamingoes taking shelter in a zoo bathroom, we’ve got something for everyone. If liked the first part of this post, we hope that you’ll enjoy part two just as much! Here are another fourteen photos that all history buffs need to see. Take a look and see if you learn something new!



This photo was take at an Italian cavalry school in 1906.


Hitler reacts to being kissed by an American woman who broke away from the crowd at the Berlin olympics in 1936.


This is Harold Whittles as he hears for the very first time in 1974, after receiving a hearing aid.


A girl who grew up in a concentration camp is asked to draw home in 1948.


A shot of Gandhi as a young attorney in 1893.


The reaction of a German soldier as he returns home in 1946 only to find his house bombed and his family not there.


Flamingoes huddling together in a bathroom at Miami Zoo in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew.


Einstein at the beach in 1939.


The children of field workers taking cover in a trench while watching a dogfight overhead in 1940.


Child laborers smoking cigarettes in 1910.


A pile of bodies await cremation after the bombing of Dresden in 1945.


Two black students are harassed by classmates on their way to school in Arkansas during the 1950s.


An assembly line of women copying out WWII propaganda posters in 1942.


Over 100 people stand around and on a recently felled giant sequoia in California in 1917.

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