14 Incredible ‘Disney’ Makeover Transformations


It’s difficult to believe, but every single one of these 14 ‘Disney’ character looks was created by, and features, the same person! Awesome makeup artist, and YouTube star, ‘Promise Phan’ specializes in pop culture transformations from ‘Barbie’ to ‘Princess Zelda’ and the results are incredible! However, we think her Disney makeovers are by far the best! Take a look at some of her amazing work below and let us know what you think in the comments! You’ll be amazed at how talented this woman is!
Website: YouTube

Tinker Bell (‘Peter Pan’)


Mother Gothel (‘Tangled’)

Esmeralda (‘The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame’)

Li Shang (‘Mulan’)

Merida (‘Brave’)

Snow White



Ellie (‘Up’)

Alice (‘Alice In Wonderland’)

Jasmine (‘Aladdin’)

Maleficent (‘Sleeping Beauty’)

Anna (‘Frozen’)

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