Let’s Take A Journey to the Hilarious Side of the Internet

How boring would life be without the internet? Thankfully, we can just all take a trip to the hilarious side of the worldwide web whenever we feel down. Although we feel sorry for the people of the past who didn’t get to enjoy the amenity of internet. It is truly one of the best things technology has to offer to mankind. Now we never run out of relevant information. And we get to see all kinds of things, all the good and the bad. It’s almost impossible to count the benefits we gain from the internet. But let us show one thing, internet is a great source of fun and laughter. Get ready because we’re taking you to the hilarious side of the web.




What did I tell you about eating a whole tree trunk? Now look what you did!

Parents are getting tired of babies so babies become tires themselves.

This digital advertisement didn’t see what’s coming. It was too late when the blue screen of death took it over.

Of course, they don’t want the camera to cover his whole face because they paid a popular model to endorse the product. I mean, what’s the use if they got his face covered?

Take off Zeus’ hair and beard and this is how he looks like. So please, don’t even think about changing the looks of any Disney characters. Trust me, Disney knows what they’re doing.

Alright kids, not all chips are eatable. Not even the dipping sauce can make computer chips edible.

It’s nice to think outside the box but a little common sense is still the best way to go.

Take a trip to the funny world of the internet



Bad move, dude. Even Shrek can’t save you from this humiliation.

Romance can develop in the most unexpected places.

It would take a while for Pop-Tarts to distinguish themselves apart from the raviolis.

Inside every toucan bird is a man. Okay, bring that beak back because we don’t want to see the man inside.

This toilet paper is missing its spread so would you be kind enough to… I think I need to stop here for the sake of our beloved hazelnut spread.

This old puppeteer can’t bend down to feed the squirrels so she used a marionette to do the job.

When the British police posted this criminal sketch, people thought the police is just playing a prank for April Fools’ Day. But it got more interesting when the police confirmed that the sketch was real and they’re on a serious manhunt for this man.

Leave the horse’s mouth alone. That’s enough internet for you today.