People Who Are So Bad At Following Simple Instructions

We give instructions to other people in order to guide them on how to do things the best way possible. But when someone does not understand the directions or takes them a little too literally, the most unexpected things happen.  This is why we need to make giving instructions as simple as possible. However, some people just can’t seem to follow simple instructions simply because they like to do things their way. And it’s about time we pay tribute to these people who don’t believe in following simple instructions. You’ll see how one easy instruction leads to a hysterical outcome that you’ve never anticipated.


Have you ever seen a burger without a burger patty?


Because a piece of paper needs hanging more than the shirt.

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Did these people come from another planet? Because here on Earth, we call that thing corn.

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Even a 2-year-old kid knows that this pan isn’t round.

round-aluminum-pan-hilarious-following-simple-instructions / Via

When you ask a food service crew to put mayo on both buns.

mayo-on-both-buns-hilarious-following-simple-instructions / Via

When the barista just gave you a new name.


Who cares about instructions? These package sorters apparently do not.

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If these people fail in following simple instructions, how do they still manage to keep their jobs?



If you fail on something, at least make it look good. How sloppy can your coloring get?


When you try to sell a blatant lie.

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Never ever joke when you’re giving instructions to a confectioner. As in, never.

do-not-write-that-part-cake-hilarious-following-simple-instructions / Via

I definitely want a bunny for a pet. The only problem is…

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Getting into too much details can be a bad thing.

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What part of leave it blank don’t they understand?


This is one of the rare instances where a single word makes a big difference. If you only have told the confectioner to draw the rings rather than to put the rings on the cake, the outcome would have been different.


Someone didn’t even bother to read the instruction.