Genius Examples Of Advertising That Take Things To The Next Level

Advertising is absolutely essential to raising brand awareness and demonstrating your products, services and/or experiences. So, when it comes to posters, billboards and internet posts, you want something that will be eye grabbing and effective. Here we have a collection of genius examples of advertising that know how to target an audience.

There are some great ideas in this list if you’re in need of some inspiration. Take a look and see which adverts stand out to you the most!


‘A dog makes your life happier. Adopt.’ Brilliant for calling out to those who are lonely! 


Before doing anything a cup of NESCAFE comes first!


‘Don’t let debt snowball’, a good representation of how debt can get out of control. 


Air conditioning so good, your dog would rather stick their head in the car rather than out. 


See the world in a much clearer way with Keloptic products! 


Both gorgeous colors. Hair color so good, it looks like an artist painted it on. 


Happy new year from Barilla! With their food you’ll be having a party in your stomach. 

Mercedes Benz

Hear what you can’t see with Mercedes Benz park assist with ultrasound sensors! 

Honda FIT

It’s bigger on the inside… 


Try before you buy with these clever hand grips! 


How to make use of the existing things around you…


Beach shower stalls that look great, and, make you thirsty for a refreshing Sprite. 


Precision parking so good, you could be a hedgehog squeezing in between bags of fish. 


These knives are so sharp, you might need a new chopping board!