LEGO Is Releasing A Limited Edition Retro Wooden Figure

Any toy enthusiast would love to add the new LEGO wooden figure to his or her collection. This limited-edition figurine is part of the LEGO Originals line. This series draws inspiration from the 1978 classic LEGO minifigure handcrafted in wood by company founder Ole Kirk Christiansen. LEGO has collaborated with brand extension specialist Room Copenhagen for the retro version of its original figures.

“LEGO® Originals offer a new way to build, show and tell your story.”


LEGO Wooden Minifigure Sample and Packaging


LEGO Wooden Figure with Yellow Hands

Danish toy company LEGO has released limited-edition minifigures as part of its Originals line.


LEGO Wooden Figure


LEGO Wooden Figure Holding a Colorful LEGO Tower with Its Left Hand


The new LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure is a 5:1 upscaled version of the classic design. It stands at over seven inches tall and measures four inches wide and three inches deep. It comes with an FSC-certified oak body and two yellow trademark LEGO plastic hands.

As such, it’s the first-ever toy to include both wooden and plastic parts since the 1130 Bedford firetruck released in 1959. In addition, it features a black laser-cut LEGO branding on the stud of its head.

Unlike classic minifigures, it comes with a wooden body and two trademark plastic hands.


LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure and a Classic LEGO Minifigure


LEGO Wooden Figure Branding on Head


Normally, toy collectors use LEGO bricks to build structures and other replicas. But this wooden figurine inspires a different level of creativity. One can customize the figure given its wooden body. That said, you can actually paint it and add some decorative touches to it. Indeed, it’s a collectible that will appeal to toy and art enthusiasts alike.

Given its wooden body, the figurine is perfect for customization.


Customized LEGO Minifigure Painted with a Starry Night Sky and Tree Silhouttes with Rainwbow Burst


Customized LEGO Wooden Figure Covered with Felt Leaves


“Owners can unleash their creativity to dress up, paint or do whatever they want to customize the minifigure in unique ways and then show off their creations via social media using #LEGOOriginals.”

Art and toy enthusiasts would surely love to add the LEGO wooden figure to their collection.


Customized LEGO Minifigure Painted with an Under the Sea Sceneray Featuing a Shark and a Squid


Customized LEGO Wooden Figure Painted as a Painter in His Workshop


The figurine comes in a premium gift box with 29 other LEGO elements and a 28-page leaflet included inside. The leaflet highlights the history and development process of the wooden figure. It also includes instructions on how to incorporate the other LEGO elements into the figure. Likewise, it features design inspirations from artists who have customized their pieces.


LEGO Originals Packaging


In addition, there are three bundle options available in addition to its standard packaging. The Minifigure Bundle includes the wooden minifigure, 20 bags of Minifigures Series 19 and a minifigure display case. The Classic Bricks Bundle includes the wooden minifigure and 1,500 brightly colored LEGO bricks. Lastly, the Lifestyle Bundle includes the wooden minifigure, a minifigure ceramic mug, a red, blue, and yellow wall hanger set, and an eight-stud red storage brick drawer.

Price starts at $119.99, so get yours now from LEGO’s website before stocks run out!

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