People Share The Interesting Reasons That They Feel Sibling Jealousy

Anyone with siblings will know that having a brother and/or sister is not always fun. Of course, deep down, you share a great love for these family members, but there are many things that can lead to unhappiness and resentment. We all know that sibling jealousy and rivalry exists, but what are some of the reasons that you don’t always hear about? Here we have an interesting range of examples. Take a look!
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It’s natural to feel this way sometimes, but what’s important is that this person is still proud of her sister. 

Everyone has insecurities about their looks. We bet the other sister envies things about this one! 

This is really sad. Hopefully the sister walking away will inspire this person to eventually have the strength to leave. 

What’s to say you can’t achieve those dreams also?

It’s hard when you’re yearning for love but it just isn’t happening. It’s even worse to see it happening around you. 

This is a common one! 

Feeling like you’re lost in the shadows whilst someone else is always in the limelight sucks. 

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Instead of feeling down about it, why not ask younger brother for some helpful tips on getting out there?

We want the best for our family, but it’s not nice when you never had it yourself. 

We bet other people would think that this sister is the prettier one. Everyone perceives beauty differently! 

This seems really unfair! Maybe talking to mom about the issue would help. 

This is a great example of how people have different strengths and capabilities. What one person finds easy, another will struggle with and vice versa. 

We can see why this would be frustrating! 

Sexism at its finest. We hope this brother and sister got help and support equally in the end.