Cherry Blossom Tree Made Out of LEGO Breaks Guinness World Record

When cherry blossom trees start to bloom and flaunt their delicate pink flowers, that’s the sign of spring season. And where could you possibly find the most charming cherry blossoms in the world? It’s none other than the land of the rising sun, Japan. Many people particularly choose to visit Japan in spring to see colorful cherry blossoms in full bloom. But the sad truth is, these beautiful pink flowers usually bloom in about one week. That’s right, people could only feast their eyes on these spectacular flowers for a week. However, one magnificent cherry blossom tree appears to be in full bloom all year round. LEGOLAND Park in Nagoya, Japan is the home of the famous cherry blossom tree made from Lego bricks. This Lego brick cherry blossom tree comprises of more than 800,000 plastic blocks, from the ground up to the petals.

lego brick cherry blossom tree

The Lego brick cherry blossom tree was unveiled by the theme park last year to mark its first anniversary. Right after the unveiling, it made its way to the Guinness World Record as the largest Lego brick cherry blossom tree in the world. And most probably the only cherry blossom tree in the world that is entirely made from Lego blocks. It stands 14 feet tall and 5 feet wide, weighing a staggering 7,348 pounds. After 6,500 hours of putting together 881,470 Lego bricks, LEGOLAND’s cherry blossom is finally completed. And it will stand there all year round for all people to see.

LEGOLAND Japan unveils a life-sized cherry blossom tree that is entirely made of Lego bricks

legoland japan cherry blossom tree

Every part of the LEGO brick cherry blossom tree is a Lego block. From its grassy ground to the trunk and branches up to the flowers and lanterns, it’s all Lego. Amazingly, the lanterns even glow at night to illuminate the tree in the dark.

cherry blossom made from lego bricks


lego brick cherry blossom legoland japan


lego brick cherry blossom assembly


lego brick cherry blossom tree construction

LEGOLAND Japan has amazed the world with this splendid structure. But that is just the beginning. Check out more of the theme park’s upcoming projects on their website. Also if you’re a fan of Cherry Blossom trees, Amazon are selling them here!

Source: LEGOLAND Japan