12 Hilariously Accurate Payday Images We Can All Identify With

Payday is most probably the most anticipated day of the month for many of us. As it edges closer we naturally start feeling better and less stressed about our current financial situations, unless, of course, you know you’re sadly still going to be pretty broke when it does arrive! These are stressful and anxious times for many of us as it seems out-goings often outweigh what we have going in. Or, it might not be the bills that are the problem… you might just not be the best with your money and blow it all on food, nights out and shopping! Whichever it is, it’s important to take a step back, relax and find some humor in the situation, whatever yours may be. Take a look!

On Payday

Still Broke

Afraid To Look

And Its Gone

Bills Money

Keep Calm

Laugh Or Cry

Let Me See

Pay Day


Tax Return

Week Of Payday