A Craftsman Created A Leather Bag Specifically For Carrying Watermelons

Don’t you just love biting into a cold yet juicy and sweet slice of watermelon? This summer fruit is basically irresistible. Sadly, we tend to think twice about buying the whole fruit simply because of logistic reasons. Don’t get us wrong – watermelons are delicious… it’s just that it can get really exhausting to carry the whole thing home. But it seems that our days of awkwardly lugging home watermelons is over, thanks to this chic and functional leather watermelon bag!

This beautiful leather bag is the work of Japanese craftsman Yusuke Kadoi. The bag was a part of Tsuchiya Kaban’s initiative entitled “The Fun of Carrying”. This initiative gave participating artisans free reign over their designs. Kadoi is reportedly very fond of watermelons, so he chose to tackle the summer fruit’s unspoken logistic issue by creating a bag specifically meant to help you take the heavy melon home in style and ease!

the leather watermelon bag
Tsuchiya Kaban


watermelon next to the watermelon bag
Tsuchiya Kaban


This leather Watermelon Bag will let you tote the summer fruit in style

“Delicious watermelon in the summer season with a blue sky.
If you could carry a round and heavy watermelon easily and with peace of mind…
With that in mind, the craftsman Kadoi created a bag that carries watermelons.”

leather watermelon bag with a watermelon inside
Tsuchiya Kaban

As we all know, fruits in Japan are insanely expensive. For example, a single 8-kilogram premium “Densuke” watermelon was auctioned off for a whopping 650,000 Yen (that’s around $6,100 today!) in 2008. A lot of factors contribute to the eye-watering price tag of Japan’s incredibly flawless fruits. After all, Japanese fruits are so much more than just snacks. The Japanese often present fruits as a gift of gratitude. So, it wouldn’t do them any justice to simply pack them away in a flimsy plastic bag, right?


This bag is still a concept design

Kadoi created the stunningly stylish bag by cutting up a single sheet of cured leather into various elements. He cuts 8 petal-like strips of leather and stitches them together to make a convex pouch where you can place your prized watermelon. The bag also features a leather handle, so you can carry your prize fruit without hurting your hands. This bag’s definitely going to turn heads and maybe even change the way fruits are handled!

closer look at the bag's stitching
Tsuchiya Kaban

Sadly, Kadoi’s bag is still a concept design. Meaning that the design won’t be commercially available any time soon. But we’ve got our fingers crossed that Tsuchiya-Kaban will make this available for watermelon-loving shoppers out there in the future!


Watch Kadoi’s mesmerizing process below

Source: Tsuchiya Kaban