Clever Optical Illusion Silhouette Ad Campaign Helps Promote Animal Adoption

If you’re going to ask any pet owner, they’d most likely tell you that their pet somehow magically made their family complete. With this very idea, photographer Amol Jadhav crafted a creative pet adoption ad with the art director and retoucher Pranav Bhide.

Together, the two produced a creative pet adoption ad series that brilliantly used lighting for effect. What resulted is an animal version of Rubin’s vase — yes, the famous optical illusion. Indeed, the resulting portraits looked very sweet.

dog and cat creative pet adoption ad

This fantastic pet adoption campaign actually supports the World For All Animal Care and Adoptions, located in Mumbai. It has three posters, each beautifully depicting the visual effect. So, you’d see a family in silhouette, looking with an expression of love on each other.

With ingenuity, the two creatives would arrange the negative space. Eventually, the participants’ body shapes would then outline the form of an animal. Couple that with a clever advertising tagline:

 “There’s always room for one more. Adopt”

Fantastic, right? Well, the resulting forms of a rabbit, dog, or cat are indeed stunning. See them emerging right from those figures full of joy!

When the 2017 World For All event took place at the Sydenham College in Mumbai, these creative pet adoption ad posters became the highlight. Indeed, they were very effective. They boosted the attendance, and 42 animals found their forever homes by the end of the meaningful occasion.

Amol Jadhav and Pranav Bhide crafted together a creative pet adoption ad. It made use of a famous optical illusion.

dog creative pet adoption ad

When you shift your focus at the negative space, you’ll see the animal.

cat creative pet adoption ad

The resulting animal image makes the whole thing complete. It’s exactly what happens when a family adopts a pet!

rabbit creative pet adoption ad

Source: Amol Jadhav | Pranav Bhide