Mountain Dew’s Dropping A New Watermelon Flavor And It Will Be Here To Stay

There’s no doubt that Mountain Dew comes up with some of the best-tasting soft drink flavors in town. We have the crowd-favorites Maui Burst and Baja Blast that give us a taste of summer with every sip. In addition to these two, the upcoming Mountain Dew Watermelon Flavor seems like another tropical variant that will not disappoint.

According to the photos shared by Reddit user boogie429, the new flavor is officially marketed as Major Melon. It’s watermelon-flavored and comes in a refreshing magenta color. It also appears that the new flavor has a “Super Bowl Launch Support.” So, it’s highly likely that we’ll see its advertisement air during the Big Game.

mountain dew watermelon flavor


There’s a new Mountain Dew watermelon flavor that’s reportedly hitting the shelves in January 2021

Apparently, Major Melon will also have a Zero Sugar variant. Both will be available in all core packs, including bottles and cans. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until January 2021 to get our hands on this new summery sip. Nevertheless, knowing that it will be a permanent flavor certainly makes the wait worthwhile.

mountain dew watermelon flavor major melon

Meanwhile, Reddit user Kirdavrob also shared a marketing survey that featured the upcoming flavor. Well, we can only hope that the survey yields positive responses. After all, you can never go wrong with a watermelon-flavored treat, right?

soft drink marketing survey

As early as now, 2021 is already looking exciting for Mountain Dew and its fans. In addition to Major Melon, the brand is also reportedly releasing a gingerbread flavored-soda in December 2021. Honestly, all these upcoming treats are making us more eager to bid 2020 goodbye. Plus, of course, the fact that it has not treated us well.

To be fair, a watermelon-flavored drink is the last thing we’d expect to get in winter. Nonetheless, Mountain Dew has done it in the past—releasing Maui Burst in the midst of fall, and we loved it. So, this only goes to show that tropical treats will always be a hit, no matter the season. Hopefully, all goes well with Major Melon, so we can start the year right!