Lilo Pool Float Has A Built-In Cup Holder For Women’s Boobs

April Fool’s Day is over but the memories of the jokes and pranks still linger.  This year indeed has a fair share of both the good and the bad jokes. Amusingly, some of the jokes are even taken seriously, which turned out to be a huge disappointment for most people. Remember when a legit snack blogger joked about the return of Blueberry Pie Oreos? It was intended to be a joke for April Fool’s. But many people deemed the joke to be true and the rumor spread on social media like a wildfire. Well, that’s just one of the bad jokes that are taken the wrong way. But here’s a joke that turns out to be a great thing. When Bravissimo joked about creating a pool float with a boob holder on social media, people are rather excited about it.

lilo pool float with cup holder


And why shouldn’t they feel excited about the idea? Girls definitely understand the discomfort of lying on stomach. Yes, the boobs really get in the way and it could be really painful particularly for girls with huge bosoms. So, when the bra company posted the idea of a pool float with a room for the boobs, the joke received numerous positive responses. The overwhelming feedback inspired the company to make the joke a reality. Finally, in time for the summer, Bravissimo rolls out this pink lilo with a boob holder.

Bravissimo pool float features a boob holder

pink lilo with boob holder bravissimo


pool float with boob holes


lilo with boob holder bravissimo

Now you can lie on your front comfortably without the pain and discomfort of squished boobs. Admit it, girls. You want one of these pool floats. Plus, the millennial pink color of the lilo is simply irresistible. Get yours now!

Here are what the girls on Twitter had to say about this amazing pool float:

lilo with boob holder comment hanna neter
Hanna Neter | Twitter


lilo with boob holder comment holly brockwell
Holly Brockwell | Twitter

Get your pool float today!

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