Krispy Kreme’s Spring Edition Mini Donuts Look Too Cute To Eat

Spring is here, and all the gloom and doom happening in the world right now can’t do anything to stop it. In honor of spring, the Krispy Kreme Mini Donuts have gotten a truly adorable makeover! These cute versions of the classic treat were introduced in January 2020. Though smaller in size, these Mini Donuts are just as tasty as their regular-sized counterparts. And harder to resist, thanks to their vibrant and whimsical icing theme inspired by spring!

It goes without saying that Krispy Kreme makes the most scrumptious treats ever. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that their Original Glazed donut reigns supreme. However, despite having this distinction, Krispy Kreme’s always surprising us with yummy new offerings, like the Butterfinger Donuts. They certainly aren’t shying away from leveling up their Original Glazed donuts either! And this time, Krispy Kreme has taken the three most recognizable icons of springtime and Easter onto their miniature bites for a truly enchanting snacking experience.




The new Krispy Kreme Mini Donuts just got a whole lot cuter this season

Usually, when someone says ‘spring’ and ‘Easter’, we’ll immediately think of flowers, adorable bunnies and chicks, and colorful Easter eggs. Everyone’s got their own special Easter offerings out, but these Mini Donuts are easily among the cutest and tastiest of them all. The season-exclusive offering has been available since March 31st at participating locations. For this year’s offering, Krispy Kreme has made the donuts resemble spring’s most adorable characters: the bunny, chick, and of course, the flower!

Each Easter-themed Mini Donut is an Original Glaze donut at the base, then it is topped with colorful icing and decorative elements. The Spring Chick Mini Donut has yellow icing and dotted with orange and chocolate icing to give it the features of an adorable chick. On the other hand, the Bunny Bum Mini Donut comes dipped in green icing, topped with green sprinkles. The donut hole is filled with a dollop of Original Kreme and two sugar bunny feet. Lastly, the Flower Mini Donut comes coated with strawberry icing and purple sugar with a piped flower on top.

Each box of the special edition Mini Donuts contains 16 pieces. You’ll also be getting two other Mini Donut variants in the set: the classic Original Glaze, and the Spring Sprinkle. The Spring Sprinkle is basically a chocolate-glazed donut with a colorful sprinkle garnish. These adorable Minis won’t be around forever, so order them today – whether through their website or app! We may be going through a lot right now, but that doesn’t you don’t deserve something pretty and delicious, right?


The Easter-themed Mini Donuts are putting donut fans in a springy mood

Source: KrispyKreme