15 Awesome Products And Hacks You Will Love


It’s so awesome when you stumble across a hint, tip or product which makes your life so much easier. It’s even better when you can use it to impress your friends! Take a look at the following awesome hacks and products that make every day life so much simpler. Remember when you were a little kid and your mom or dad used to dance with their feet under yours? Now there’s a pair of dance shoes that does the job. Find out about these and more below!

fingerprint wedding rings

These wedding rings are cool, unique, and of course, totally personalized with each others own fingerprint!


glowing ball lamps

These glowing ball lamps are a brilliant way to encourage kids not to be afraid of the dark and they can bring them to the bathroom at night time too! Find them here


metal matchbox

This metal matchbox is futuristic looking and is therefore awesome!  


soap hanger

This soap hanger makes your soap last longer in the shower. It also makes it easier to get hold of the bar when you need it!


pouring aid

This water or juice pouring aid can hold a lot of liquid! Find it here.


parent child dance shoes

We all played this game when we were kids. Now you can get these cool parent/child dance shoes to make it all the more fun!


phone case money store

Never lose your money again with this cool money storage phone case! Find a similar one here.


remotes storage

Secure your remotes to the table so you never lose them again! 


electrical outlet bed risers

How about these awesome bed risers with built in power outlets?


battery checker

What a cool trick!


fix zipper

This is one tip to keep in mind. No more stuck zippers!


garbage easy

 If you hate taking out the garbage this will make it far easier!


wet shoes dryer

Don’t you just hate those banging noises? Problem solved!


lemon flower slices

Cutting your lemons into fancy flowers brings a touch of fun to any drink!


router phone charger

Lost your charger plug? No worries, so long as you have a Wi-Fi router nearby!