Twitter User Collects Photos Of Cats In Shops Looking Like They Own The Place

Domestic cats are typically pampered in homes. But in New York City, there’s a thing called a bodega cat and these felines are resident cats in shops. They can also be referred to as deli cats or store cats. So, the name ‘bodega’ refers to a convenience store or deli in New York City English. Many shop owners in NYC are keeping these kitties as a form of biological pest control to prevent rodent infestations. If you’ve frequented New York stores then you’ve most likely seen some bodega cats roaming around the stores to keep pesky vermin at bay, in exchange for food and shelter.

Store owners can really benefit from these hardworking cats. These bodega cats not only eliminate existing rodents but they also deter other animals from entering the establishment that often destroy store goods. For store owners, bodega cats are very much welcomed for their invaluable service. In fact, cats in stores have become the city’s bodega culture. Although keeping bodega cats isn’t entirely legal, these kitties are still a welcome sight for many customers. Indeed, seeing an adorable kitty keeping watch of the store to ensure it is rodent-free is so fascinating.


This Is One Of The Many Cats In Shops Looking Like They Own The Place


The felines have also become an enticing element used by shop owners to attract more customers. And if you’ve seen some of these cats, you’ll definitely agree that their cuteness is enough to draw you in. Being in charge of keeping watch of the store, the cats think they own the place most of the time. When they’re not sternly guarding the goods, they can be seen napping in random places or snuggling with the staff. As customers, we don’t mind seeing them around in stores. In fact, we want more of them not just in NYC but in other cities as well.




To show the cuteness and reliability of these cats in shops, a Twitter page called Bodega Cats has been created to pay homage to these industrious kitties. People who have spotted adorable bodega cats are invited to submit photos on the page. Seeing these furry felines act like they own the place is absolutely giggle-worthy. So, we’ve picked out the cutest and funniest photos from the page to give you your daily dose of kitty cuteness.




























Source: Bodega Cats | Website