Froot Loops-Filled White Chocolate Bunnies Have Hopped Onto Shelves For Easter

It may be the season of heart-shaped chocolates but Kellog’s is already ready for Easter with their Froot Loops White Chocolate-Flavored Bunny. With this Easter-themed treat, it’s safe to say that cereal is no longer exclusive to our breakfast bowls. And this sweet and crunchy white chocolate bunny may just give the classic milk chocolate bunny a run for its money!

Bunnies don’t actually have anything to do with Easter. There was no mention of these fluffy creatures during the events of Easter Sunday. And rabbits certainly don’t lay colorful eggs. In fact, our tradition of celebrating the holiday with bunny-shaped chocolate treats and Easter egg hunts, is an entirely different way of honoring the day that Christ rose back from the dead.


This bunnies are made of white chocolate mixed with bits of Froot Loops

The combination of chocolate and cereal may sound odd to you. But we sort of get where they’re coming from. White chocolate isn’t so different from milk. So it’s kind of like a solid, cereal-themed treat in bunny form! Kellog’s collaborated with Frankford’s Candy to give the world this dreamy bunny choc treat. This, after the release of these Pop-Tarts? Genius.

Several influencers, like @candyhunting, @cereallife, and @foodiewiththebeasts, have spotted the bunny in several retailers like Big Lots. But it seems that everyone’s waiting until Easter to actually try it given the lack of actual taste test reviews at the moment. But it’s not really hard to imagine what to expect when we finally break off a piece from this bunny. Per the influencers, the 2oz Easter treat retails for just $1.  Letting a dozen or so of these hop into your shopping basket shouldn’t be too hard. It’s definitely going to make a sweet addition to any Easter baskets you plan to give!