19 Awesome Knitting Projects For You To Try At Home


Now that winter is most definitely here, it's time to pull out the knitwear. And there's nothing better than knitting your own winter woolies, the sense of accomplishment is ace! Snuggling up in something warm, like a blanket or sweater, knowing that it's been made using your own talents, hard work, determination and love is a real treat. To give you some inspiration, here are 19 awesome knitting projects you can try at home! Take a look!


DIY Over-Sized Loop Scarf


DIY Knit Clutch


DIY Knitted Round Rug


DIY Color Contrast Blanket


DIY Chunky Scarf



DIY Cuddle Blanket


DIY Mega Throw Blanket


DIY Robe


DIY Stool Cushion


DIY Children's Blanket Cave



DIY Knitted Pillow Cover


DIY Cape


DIY Cozy Sweater


DIY Knitted Bag


DIY Multi-Colored Scarf



DIY Wrap Around Scarf


DIY Super Chunky Sweater


DIY Winter Hat


DIY Pet Bed

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